Roger Federer captures his first shanghai masters

Federer was competing in his second final and trying to capture the title for the first time. Nearly the whole center court was occupied with Federer fans thats how popular Federer is. On the court Federer is playing with elegance. Its like if every shot he does a color comes out of his racket. When Federer comes in the net its very difficult to pass him. Even when he gets passed he comes back to the net. He’s like a boxer getting punched several times but doesn’t give up and comes back even stronger. When he covers the net its like a spider net showing the opponent that the net is his territory. 


Djokovic beats Ferrer in shanghai QF

Djokovic came on center court with his head high and very calm. This is his court and he hasn’t lost a match since 2011 in china. He makes the opponent look very small when he enters the court. It’s like in basketball with Djokovic is like Yao ming and Ferrer a small guy and Djokovic is like blocking Ferrer every time he tries to do something. Djokovic runs for every ball like he is a wall. Whenever Ferrer hits a fast shot the ball will come even faster. Djokovic was very calm during the whole match like if he was doing yoga and he couldn’t be distracted even with a sound of a bug.